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Meetings & Retreats

chef's table milwaukee

Occupied only by you and your team, The Chef’s Table provides complete privacy, with intimacy and comfort. The unique, comfortable setting allows your attendees to focus and concentrate, without outside interruptions or disturbances, creating an atmosphere of productivity.

Sensitive Subjects & Information

The culinary brigade or waitstaff can leave the room during defined parts of your meeting for your group to discuss confidential matters.


A/V? Just ask!

A 48" high-definition television with HDMI cables can be provided at no cost.

Password Protected Wi-Fi 

Facility Fee

Breakfasts and Luncheons (end time before 3pm) $250/day

All-day and Dinner $750/day


Completely Customized & Personalized Options

We will work with you to create the ideal experience for your team, making sure that all the elements are worked out ahead of time to make your day stress-free.

When we say completely customized, we mean it.

Instead of a pre-fixe package, we work with you on every detail:


Time frames that fit your needs: full-day, two-day, half-day, or after work

Coffee and pastries or a full breakfast to welcome your team

Extended lunch breaks or quick sandwiches

Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres throughout the day or night

Afternoon power-up snacks

Cocktail hour wind downs

 Seated, coursed dinner to celebrate your team’s accomplishments,

 or get them in the kitchen and turn it into a cooking class or competition!



Any Questions? Wondering if we have your date available?

Fill out this form, or call us at 414-277-7676.

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