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The Personalization

The Chef's Table does it all!


Because The Chef's Table is a private restaurant, we can bring many types of events to fruition. Choose from two dining concepts - seated, coursed dinner or heavy hors d’oeuvres, reception-style.

With both options, we prefer to customize the food selections based on your likes, dislikes, and dietary restrictions, designing and creating a menu that fits your ideal event and budget.


Seated Dinner

Central to our model is the shared, guided culinary journey of food and beverage pairings. Each course is an artist’s palette and should be appropriately balanced by the Culinary Brigade and Sommelier, with each controlling 50% of your palate. Whether it’s wine, cocktails, or non-alcoholic mocktails, our commitment to course pairings will elevate your culinary experience into an unforgettable event. Unlike traditional restaurants, we steer clear from “a la carte” or “family-style” eating or drinking options.


The pricing structure centers around a “per person price” which includes hors d’oeuvres, coursed dinner, wine pairings, and coffee service. The exact price is based on the proteins, complexity of the menu, and level of wine pairings. We do not offer multiple “choices” or selections for entrees, however we will make alterations to courses to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

Heavy Hors d’Oeuvres

or Reception-Style

Small plates and displays of hors d’oeuvres or heavier dinner items are a great option for a more casual event. Menu items are brought out in stages for a set amount of time, allowing guests to continuously refill plates while enjoying cocktails and conversation. For this type of event, some seating will remain in the space, but typically not enough for every person to be seated at the same time.

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We can personalize our beverage program as well! We’re happy to accommodate requests for certain wines, liquor, and specialty cocktails.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to elevate your event!

The bar can work in many different ways, but is always charged based on guest consumption. We do not offer banquet room style “per person bar packages.” 

If you’re looking to cover beverages for your guests, you can host the bar, with our bartenders tallying up beverages throughout the evening, charged to your final invoice. You can put a cap per drink at $15 or $20 or choose No Limit (which includes higher-end liquors and a full wine list). If you prefer to spend more on the facility and food for your event, a cash bar is another option.

Several combinations of payment methods are available, including hosting for a set time period or offering drink tickets.

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2024-03-04 15.23_edited.png

additional pricing considerations

Menu or wine Tastings

& Specialty Cocktail Development
Our menus, wine pairings, and specialty cocktails will be personalized for your event. However, tastings are not included in our planning process. You can add-on tasting experiences for an additional charge.

Event Coordination
Most event planning is covered by our standard planning services and included with your rental of the space -  an Initial Tour, a Detail Planning Meeting (occurring within 4 months of your event), and email or virtual correspondence. Events that include ceremonies, outside vendors, live music, emceeing, additional decor or room set up, etc. require an added Coordination or Room Flip Fee to ensure that the event is smoothly executed.  The Chef’s Table offers in-house options or can facilitate vendors for flowers, stationery, specialty cakes, décor, and design. However, cients are also welcome to bring in their own vendors.

Staffing Charge
A 25% Staffing Charge is applied to all food and beverage paid for by the contracted client.
The Service Charge is not a gratuity; it is a mandatory percentage placed on all food, beverage, and services. This provides a fair, livable wage for your event's planners, bartenders, culinary staff, servers, and dishwashers. After your event, if you feel that any one or all of those employees went above and beyond, you will have the opportunity to add a gratuity to
the final invoice.

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