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Team Building Culinary Experiences

chef's table milwaukee

Consider an interactive event at The Chef's Table 

for your team to bond and grow together!

Occupied only by you and your team for a day of learning, cooking and having fun, The Chef’s Table provides the privacy, intimacy and comfort for your group to grow with elegance, excellence, and enjoyment.


The unique, comfortable setting allows them to have fun and open up with

each other, without outside interruptions or disturbances.



Lessons Taught Through An Interactive Cooking Class

These team building skills are layered on to an overall great experience where your team can let their hair down and really get to know each other in a new and exciting way.

  • Planning and communication are key in project management

  • Using the right tool (ingredient) for the job (meal) makes a difference - in efficiency and effectiveness

  • Clarity is critical

  • Negotiation and prioritization are essential

  • Every role matters - respect them all!

  • Emotional Intelligence is the most important tool for your team to succeed


Each Event Is Personalized To Your Team

Prior to your teambuilding event, our professional staff with work with your leaders to identify the goals for your team.

Group sizes range from 6-30, larger numbers possible.

Pricing is unique to each event, please contact us for an estimate!


Exciting, Completely Customizable Options

Time frames that fit your needs: full-day, two-day, half-day, or after work

Breakfast to welcome your team

Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres throughout the day or night

Cocktail hour wind downs

 Seated, coursed dinner to celebrate your team’s accomplishments


Take Growth to the Next Level with our Facilitator

By pairing Chef David Magnasco with Facilitator Patricia Clason, The Chef’s Table has created the only culinary team-building experience that combines customized practical learning with activities focused on cooking classes and fine dining.

Patricia Clason is a dynamic facilitator with forty years of team-building, emotional intelligence and leadership training experience. The focus of her work is on alternative methods of teaching and learning that produce high quality results, addressing the psychological perspectives and principles behind the practical tools that she teaches. Facilitator fees vary according to time/preparation.



Unlike most culinary team building, which culminates at the cooking class, our experienced facilitator debriefs the experience, including her insights on the interaction and behaviors in the group, and bringing out the personal learning insights of the participants.


Patricia Clason, David Magnasco, Team Building
Patricia Clason, David Magnasco, Team Building
Patricia Clason, David Magnasco, Team Building
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