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Pasta & Wine Showcase

Chef David has launched a new retail line, Pasta da Maddalena, and we're celebrating! Join us to sample through our new, handmade pastas, paired with wine by Capitol Hustings.

Reservations will be taken in 20 minute increments with up to 20 guests allowed for each time slot. Your group will move through the space, starting in The Lower Level and finishing in The Courtyard and stopping at 5 stations as you go, sampling pasta and tasting wine at each.

Eight total time slots are available between 4-5pm and 6-7pm. When you purchase your ticket, you will select your arrival time. Arrival times are strict to provide the best experience for everyone in attendance.

If you have a group of 10-20, you can purchase a private time slot between 5-6 or 7-8 for group pricing (call or email for inquiries.)

As Chef David likes to say "If you weren't here yesterday, there's something new today," and over the last three months, a lot has changed! While you eat, drink, and stroll through our space, you can partake in a photo op I-Spy challenge and raffle.

We're very excited to have you back at The Chef's Table!

Chef David's "Pasta da Maddalena" Presents...

The Pasta & Wine Showcase

Please note: While our next pasta line will be gluten-free, it is not a dietary restriction that will be accommodated for this event.


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