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7/10 ~ Bastille Market Cooking Experience

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Something special happens when you walk through a market, and it's one of the things we've missed most with these current events. Instead of planning your menu from a blank slate (online shopping cart), at the market your imagination runs wild thinking about all the things that could be.

Hopefully we are on the fringe of summer markets opening, but until that happens we're bringing the market to you! For this class, we are harnessing that unique shopping basket markets create for us and teaching you how to incorporate all those ingredients and to make some of the delicacies and iconic items you'd expect to see if you were at our favorite, the French Bastille Market (in celebration of Bastille Days)!

Menu items include French Onion Gougeres, Chicken Galantine Salad, Hangar Steak with Bearnaise & Haricot Verts, Skate Wing en Papillote, & Chocolate Souffle.

Bastille Market Hands-On Cooking Experience

Friday, July 10

$139 per person

6pm Arrival


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