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Sous Vide Cooking Classes

Updated: May 29, 2020

Bring your own Sous Vide or learn to use them with ours! The ease and perfection with using sous vide will change how you look at your kitchen.

Check out this quick guide to Sous Vide from

What Is Sous Vide?

Sous vide (pronounced soo-VEED) is a cooking technique of placing raw ingredients in a vacuum-sealed bag, then immersing the bag in a circulating water bath heated to a precise temperature. Sous vide, which is French for “under vacuum,” is the name of the process, but many people also refer to the immersion circulator devices that heats the water as a “sous vide.”

Why Cook Sous Vide? 5 Reasons to Use an Immersion Circulator

While sous vide cooking generally takes longer than cooking food on a stovetop or in an oven, it has some distinct advantages over these methods.

It’s impossible to overcook.

Food overcooks when the internal temperature extends beyond the point that the food is cooked, resulting in mushy vegetables or dry, rubbery meat. Because a sous vide uses a low temperature, and maintains that precise temperature over a long period of time (unlike a crockpot or slow cooker), it’s easy to get your preferred level of doneness without guesswork or overcooking.

Sous vide cooking is low maintenance.

With a sous vide cooker, there’s no stirring, flipping, or tossing: your food is in contact with both your heat source and your seasonings on all sides. This means that you can literally “set and forget” your immersion circulator, making sous vide a great way to cook when entertaining.

Sous vide is a healthy cooking method.

Because your food is vacuum sealed, sous vide recipes often require less oil, fat, and salt than traditional cooking methods like sautéing or frying. Slow cooking methods also preserve more nutrients in many foods, resulting in more nutritious meals.

Sous vide requires less cleanup.

Because sous vide doesn’t require any pots or pans, cleaning up after sous vide cooking is easy: simply plate your food, toss your sous vide bags, and you’re done. In addition, you can often cook sous vide on your countertop, leaving your stovetop and oven free for other dishes.

You can cook multiple recipes in the same pot.

Because each vacuum bag is self contained, you can potentially cook multiple dishes or variations on the same meal all at once in the same water bath. This is especially convenient when cooking for people with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Sous Vide Cooking Classes


1 The 147° Egg with Radicchio Salad

2 Skirt Steak with Chimichurri

3 Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Hash

4 Halibut with Cauliflower Puree

5 Custard


1 The 147° Egg with Brioche Toast, Maple Hollandaise, Pancetta

2 Filet Mignon with Whipped Potatoes

3 Airline Chicken with Carrots

4 Salmon with Fennel

5 Tempering Chocolate with Olive Oil Cake & Raspberry Coulis

What To Expect

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a themed, chef's choice cocktail. During the reception, you'll have the opportunity to settle into the space, meet your fellow chefs (both the other guests and our Culinary Brigade) and enjoy hors d'oeuvres.

Each guest will receive a booklet with the night's menu and recipes printed.

The classes usually begin with assorted demos and other information, and then transition into a "hands-on" preparation of the rest of the menu.

After prep, you then take off your apron and sit at the Grand Table to indulge in the night's cuisine. Depending on the guest count, the menu will either be coursed out with wine pairings or served family style with self-serve bottles of wine at the table.

Event Timeframe

Arrival for all public events is 6 pm. Hors d’Oeuvres & Arrival Beverages are enjoyed over the first 30-45 minutes, with the event beginning once all guests arrive (within reason).

Most events wrap up by 9 or 10 pm, depending on the number of courses. However, you and your guests are welcome to stay past that time to socialize!

Reservation Inclusions

All public events include hors d’oeuvres and a beverage upon arrival. Other inclusions fluctuate depending on the event. Included alcoholic pairings will be noted along with the night’s menu, listed as TBD until final selections are made. A fully stocked cash bar is always available.

Menu Substitutions

Prior to checkout on the RSVP page, you will be asked for each guest’s name and dietary restrictions and/or allergies. If there is a change after you have checked out, please call or email us. Almost all restrictions or allergies can be accommodated with advance notice, but are difficult to substitute for upon learning of the night of the event.

Attending in a Group

Please let us know if you are attending as a group yet signing up separately. For many events we have a seating chart, and we’d love to make sure you all sit together!


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