Chef David Magnasco is proud to announce,

Pasta da Maddalena!

Named after his daughter and a dream since his time in Italy, our pasta incorporates unique flavors in various combinations.


We'll introduce the new Pasta da Maddalena lines the coming weeks, including one that Maddalena herself came up with!

The first pasta we're launching is Casarecce Dieci!

Scroll to learn about Casarecce Dieci, Casarecce Crates, and Chef David's creative process.

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Casarecce Dieci

Chef David's new pasta line consists of ten unique flavors:


Herb & Wine



Purple Sweet Potato



Squid Ink



While we encourage first experiencing it with just a bit of olive oil and salt, it’s also wonderful with tomato sauces, especially our Tomato Basil and Puttanesca. Lucky for you, we created a crate with everything you'll need for a fantastic pasta dinner!

Casarecce Crates

These one-of-a-kind crates are limited edition and numbered, created by Chef David in his Under-The-Table Workshop. For only $125, in your Casarecce Crate you'll find:

Two Packages of Casarecce Dieci

A Jar of Grandma Magnasco's Tomato Basil

A Jar of Puttanesa

A Bottle of Our Favorite Olive Oil

Herbed Salt 

Two Bottles of Italian Wine (Red & White)

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Casarecce Dieci is only available for purchase in a crate and only a limited number of crates are available.


After your purchase, you'll be able to order our pasta by the package and get exclusive first access to all new pasta lines. 

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The Story Behind The Pasta

Chef David has always loved taking pasta to the next level with different flavor combinations.

In December we acquired our pasta extruder and he was finally able to start experimenting with recipes. While Chef David and his creative partner’s original concept was to focus solely on using mushrooms, Chef David’s culinary imagination quickly saw the infinite possibilities

We aren’t going to give away all our secrets and ingredients, as most will be introduced in future packages. However, our staff can say that we’ve tried some amazing combinations and have been stunned by the outcomes.

During this slow season that has affected everyone in our community, our Culinary Brigade turned into a Carpenter Brigade and expanded our kitchen to create our own pasta factory. 

Since its completion, we’ve been working in The Pasta Factory to finesse our flavors and package our pastas. We'll be announcing new flavors in the coming weeks. 

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For MPM's Moveable Feast Online in May, Chef David gave his first sneak peek of the Casarecce Dieci along with a cooking demo, check it out:

And Then Up The Wall